Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This course introduces the French cultures of North America, emphasizing the peoples of Maine and the Northeast region. It examines European origins and later migrations, the impact of gender and class, the social significance oflanguage, individual and collective expression, the effects of assimilation, and the challenges faced today.

I have integrated Blackboard into FAS 101 and some of our class time will be spent on Blackboard. In some events, this course will become an on-line course, taught entirely on Blackboard.

Franco Studies at University of Maine.........soon to be online.....and of interest to Franco families and Ancestry seekers.

Course Goals

- To learn the history and culture of Northeast Franco American communities

- To look at the creation of Franco American identity in Maine and to understand it in the context of other ethnic identities

- To investigate the intersection of gender, class, and ethnic identity

- To explore the problems facing the Franco Americans today

- To write and think critically about ethnic identities

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